The old city.

  • Ahead is the legendary ruins of the old city. a few great stone buildings in a state of decay loom overhead and a strange green mist seems to be seep out from the streets. In the center is a great mountain where a legendary dragon killing weapon await those who would dare enter the city and it’s mysterious streets.*


  • Upon entering you first notice the mist that burns your throat and makes it hard to breath. It comes from strange green puddles. ancient decayed iron barrels lay nearby. The streets themselves are cracked and broken. Rusting shells of warforged lay about the streets along with skeletons. Every once in a while in the distance you hear a scream of pain that pierces your eardrums. Ahead in the distance is the mountain. To the west is a ancient stone mansion and to the east is where you often hear screams.*

Inside the old city is a gas that deals 1d6 points of damage per day. It also gives a 2- to attack. It also prevents natural healing from happening.

Random encounters on the streets

1 Mutants
2 Ancient warforged.
3 Hound master mutant.
4 boulder tossing mutant.
5 broken warforged.

Spot check of 15 to notice the mutants sneaking up on them.

hp 10
ac 16
Attack Throwing knife: 7 ( 1d44.)
Club: 6 ( 1d64.)


  • You cough and hack your way through the streets stepping over another old rusted warforge. Ahead you see what looks like the rotted remains of a wagon. A old skeleton of a horse lies in a green puddle. A old weathered looking chest lies in the remains.*

Anyone messing with the chest activates the warforge they stepped over who is geas to protect the chest.

hp 65
ac 20
Attack bastard sword +7/4 ( 1d10 +6.) Each attack has a 25% miss chance due to the slow rusting nature of the warforged. Also each attack as a 1 in 6 chance of breaking his sword. He’ll switch to a rusty mace than ( 1d8.) Than a rusty dagger ( 1d4.) and finally to his fists which attack at a 5/3 ( 1d4.)

Inside the chest is 500 gold pieces and some scrolls.
Dispel magic, Invisibilty, Hold person, Teleport.

Hound master mutant:

  • You hear a sudden screech, A huge ogre size mutant emerges carrying a makeshift warhammer appears out of the ruins of a old tower. The bones of past victims hang from his the ribbons of his clothes. You hear snarling and three hounds, fur missing in patches and bits of flesh rotting from their legs emerge along with the mutant.*

Hound master:
hp 56
ac 11
Attack 8 ( 1d88.)
Daily cleave: Strike at three sqaures at once.

hp 15
ac 15
Attack 6 ( 1d42.)
Full attack Claws 4 ( 1d4.1.)
Daily Bark. Int+ 8 against will. Targets take a -2 to attacks against the target for 1d4 rounds.

Loot: Charm of strength +1.
25 gold pieces.

Boulder tosser mutant:

  • The ground suddenly shakes and around the bend comes a massive blue mutant. It’s back is hunched over with a sack filled with large rocks. One hand is sealed shut by a massive scar and several of his fingers are missing. He roars and the sound sends rubble crashing down from the ruined buildings.*

Boulder tossing mutant:
hp 110
ac 12
Damage reduc 2.
Attack boulder toss: 3 ( 4d87.) ( The attack becomes +4 if their within 30 feet.)

Corkis dragon slaying copter stats.
Hardness 15. ( enhanced with magic..)
hp 50.
Attack Gatling crossbow: 12/10/8/6/4. ( 1d8.)

The old city.

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