Ashren: Random encounters

Random encounters

1 slavers:
2: orc home.
3: hunter
4: Bitterleaf.
5 spider glade.
6 goblin trader.
7 Cakoo bird nest.
8 Wolves,
9: Slave bodies.
10: Giant
11 Leatherskin raiding party.
12: Kobold ambush:
13 :Ancient warforged
14: Moving wagon
15: Prince and entourage
16: Unicorn.


You see smoke up ahead coming from some small ruins that you know of.*
Ahead their is a small group of men resting and drinking around a small fire. They look dirty and grubby and most wear patchwork clothes and wield spears. One has a folded net in his hands along with a rusty mace. One man is wearing leather armor and holding a shield and shortsword and seems to be the leader because he marches about and drunkenly gives orders to the others. Tossed to one side are two men who have been tied up. One seems active and alert and the other seems to be asleep.*
slavers 3x:
ac 11
Attack +1 ( 1d6)

Slaver with net:
ac 12
hp 5
Ranged touch attack net: +2. ( 2- to attack, 4- to dex. half speed.) range ten feet. Can escape with a dc of 20,
rusty mace: 1d8.

slaver leader:
ac 14
hp 8
Attack: 3 ( 1d62.)
Minor action: Give orders. The leader can choose a slaver to give a attack order to. Gives a 1+ to attack.

Slave leader: leather armor, shield, short sword. Bottle of grog, 5 gold pieces.
Net slaver: Net, rusty mace.
Slavers: two bottles of grog, rusty knife. 4 days of rations.

One of the tied up men is dead but you know him from your village.
You don’t know the other man.
( His name is Orval. He is a man from another village that taken to be a slave. He’ll explain that slaver raiding parties have been coming through and taken men and woman and escorting them north. He’s thankful if freed and if they give him supplies such as meat and weapons he’ll accompany them for a short time. He knows a little healing magic. Orval is a bit of a drunkard and if their is any alcohol he’ll drink at least one bottle. If refused he’ll leave the group.)

ac 12
hp 4
Attack: + 2.
2x cure minor wounds.

Orc home:

You make your way through the brush of the woods until your on a hill that looks down on the remains of a stone building. You can’t see much from up here but you could try to get a closer look.*
Move silently against the orcs listen check which is +3.

The building might have once been a simple home but not it’s roof is falling in and it’s door has fallen off. Their is one doorway and a small window to get into the ruined home. Outside the doorway are several small bones and hanging above the doorpost is a human skull with red symbols covering it. The air around is sickeningly sweet with the smell of rotting flesh. To one side you can see several small creatures such as squirrels and a skunk hanging from a tree. Their heads have been crushed. *
Anyone who can speak orcish or can make a history check of 10 can tell the symbols are of orcish make. It’s a basic keep out sign for orcs.

Entering the house requires another move silently check.
People can attempt to sneak through the window at a -4 to move silently.

The doorway is trapped with a simple trip wire trap which will drop a stone on top of whoever comes through the doorway. Spot or search of 20 can spot it. Reflex of 15 to dodge. 1d8 points of damage. If the trap is set off it awakens the orc within.


Within the house you can see a large creature sleeping on a pile of rags and blankets. It’s a orc, a powerful and savage brute race who often live alone. It snores loudly from its makeshift bed. You can see a large axe is held in his hands. In the corner is the remains of a rotting pig who looks to be half eaten. across the way is a large wooden chest.
Attempting to get close enough to coup de grace the orc requires another move silently check. If the orc is coup de grace he’ll awaken with his dying breath and take a swing at whomever has killed him.

ac 13
hp 25
Attack greataxe: +5 ( 1d12 +5.)
rage: 4 extra hitpoints.
Savage warcry: As a minor action the orc can roar. He rolls a int check against the pcs will or int saves. if he wins the targets become shaken and take a -2 to attack against him.

25 gold.
Charm of strength 1.
Throwing axe
Scroll case with blood stains on it containing a scroll of magic weapon.
a rusty lamp.
1 bottle of oil.
a bell
A bottle of orcish mead. ( 2 to str, 2- to dex dc 10 or become sickened.)
Steel knife.

Leaving the building requires another move silently check unless the orc is dead.

Hunter encounter.:

As you make your way through the woods you see ahead a man alone. He notices you and waves. He has dark hair and a scar that runs down from his chin to his neck. He is wearing leather armor but stretched across his back is a quiver of arrows and a unusual bow that looks powerful. Their is also
a axe in his belt. *
The hunters name is Jesper and he is hunting a great white stag. However he doesn’t think alone he can take the beast. He’ll try to hire the pcs to help him hunt the creature. He’ll offer a price of 30 gold plus a spare non composite bow he has at his camp. He can give five arrows each to people if they need it.
He also has 8 days worth of rations. If he runs out he’ll give up the chase. If he succeeds he’ll give whatever rations he has left to the pcs.
hp 12
ac 15.
composite Bow +1 : +5 ( 1d8 +1) ( rapid shot -2 to all attacks.)
Axe: +2 ( 1d8 +1.)
Survival +5.

Jesper will track the creature dc 15. If he cant succeed and the players can’t help that means a day is wasted and roll a random encounter.

Once Jesper believe they are getting close he will attempt to sneak with the pcs.

hp 30
ac 14
Attack horns: 4 ( 1d6 +3.)
Listen +6
speed 50 feet.
Charge: The elk can charge a target at a 6 and deals 2d63 points of damage.

Ahead you see a great white stag with a magnificent set of antlers on his head.*
The pcs will have to sneak up on it. It will flee at being attacked but if wounded will hide ahead and charge it’s foes taking them by surprise.

The Halfling village of bitterleaf:

As you travel through the woods you hear people up ahead. Sounds like a lot of them not to mention the sounds of hammers and what sounds like a goat.*
You can see ahead what looks like a mini village. The houses are small only reaching up a little past your heads. You can see a few goats in a fence. Small people run about their business. You’ve stumbled upon a small Halfling village it seems. One of them notices you and yells out and suddenly everyone is scrambling away. Several small hairy warriors emerge wielding spears and clubs lead by the biggest one of them all who’s head barely passes above your stomach. He wears a rare set of chainmail and carrying a shield.. " What are you doing her tall one?" He asks bluntly. "
The group can talk through way in so they kind trade but they can’t stay at the village till they establish themselves to bitterlead. A diplomacy of 10 is required or a int of 15 will get them in.

The village has 10 warriors ( see monster manual) four hunting dogs and their leader Fret. They will defend to the death till the woman and children can escape into the tunnels they have around the camp.

hp 14
ac 17
Attack spear: 6 ( 1d63.)
Aura: inspire. Allies gain a 1+ when in a 30 foot radius of Fret.
Power blow: 3 ( 1d65.)
Loot: Masterwork spear, leather armor, shield 30 gold pieces.

The halflings also have a old mystic by the name of Wizer. He can divine the location of objects and people and even scry on them. He also peddles in some minor spells and some healing and can sale a few scrolls or potions. For his defense he has a wand of magic missile ( 2 missiles. 10 charges.)

hp 5
ac 12
Attack staff 1 ( 1d6 – 2.)
1st ( 4.)
2nd ( 3)
3rd ( 2)
4th (1)
Wizer knows all divine spells up to fourth level.
1st: color spry, hypnotism. cure light wounds, unseen servent.
2nd Delay poison, Cure moderate wounds. Whispering winds.
3rd Keen edge, water breathing, Dispel magic. Speak with dead.
4th ( div spell only.)
Loot: Wand of magic missile. Charm of healing ( 1 to healing effects.) Charm of tongues ( 2+ to diplomacy.) Charm of int ( 1+ to int.) 50 gold pieces.

Wizers for sale potions and scrolls:
Potions: Cure light wounds, magic weapon, keen edge. water breathing.
Scrolls: Color spry, Keen edge, water breathing.

The halflings can also sale Halfling travel meals at 3 gold each. If someone eats a travel meal he’ll get a extra 1+ to healing from natural healing.

The halflings will also offer a small reward ( 25 gold pieces.) for the death of the orc who lives nearby because he killed a villager and has been stealing their kills from traps they set around. ( see orc home encounter.)

Spider glade:

Spot check of 12.

You notice that above your heads in the trees their are several large webs. Small cocoons containing birds and squirrels hanging. theirs a sudden scuttling and you see several spiders, the size of rats moving about. *
If they fail to spot they are surprise attacked by four small size spiders.

small spiders:
hp 4
ac 14
Bite: +4 ( 1d4-2 + poison.)
web. ( see net.) Break dc 14, escape artist dc 10.
poison: fort dc 10 1d3 str damage.

If they go further into the glade.

The webs grow thicker around and up ahead you see several human sized cocoons.*
Spot dc 11 * In the trees you see something large suddenly move up ahead. It’s another spider except this time it’s the size of a donkey. It also has two smaller spiders that cling close to it.

large spider:
hp 22
ac 14
attack bite +4 ( 1d8 +3) Plus poison.
Poison: dc 13 1d6 str.
Web: escape artist 13, break 17.

Cocoon loot:

first body:
Long sword
1 cure light wounds potion.
25 gold.
2 days rations.
two torches
A flask of gin.

second body:
A walking staff.
Druidric green robes: 1+ to hide in forested areas.
Charm of the animals: 2+ to diplomacy against animals.
Potion of barkskin.

third body:
Masterwork bow:
5 arrows.
Throwing axe.
Steel knife.
40 gold.
1 days rations
Studded leather armor.

fourth body:
Great club.
15 gold pieces.
Charm of climbing.

Goblin trader:

you strike up on a old dirt path, after traveling for a few hours you see some people coming up the road. One is a large brute of a man with a big belly and a warhammer stretched across his back. His head is covered with a gruesome boar mask. He’s pulling a large cart behind him. On his shoulders is a small green man with a long pointed noise and yellow eyes. The goblin jumps down from his shoulders as you approach and gives you a friendly wave. " Hello travelers, I am haggletooth the weapon trader. I’ve got everything you need for your smashing, slicing and dicing needs.*
Bromf. ( Boar mask.)
hp 34
ac 14
Attack warhammer: 7 ( 1d8 +4.)
Power blow +4 ( 1d87.)
Cleave ( strike three squares ahead of him.. once per day.)
Loot: warhammer, leather armor. Charm of attack +1.

hp 14
ac 17
Attack: Throwing dagger: 5 ( 1d4 1 + poison.)
Hail of daggers daily: +5 ( throws three daggers at once. roll for each attack.)
Poison: fort save 13 ( 1d6 extra points of damage.)

Heavy crossbow: 50 gp
10 bolts ( 10 gp.)
Morningstar: 8 gp.
Throwing axe 8 gp.
Masterwork longsword 315.
Scimitar: 15 gp.
Masterwork battleaxe 310.
Greatsword: 50 gp
Masterwork greatsword 350 gp.
Bastard sword 35.
Master work bastard sword 335.
Heavy flail: 15 gp.
Short sword 10 gp.
Composite bow +1 175 gp.
20 arrows ( 1 gp each.)
He also has rusty equivlents at half the price.
Shield heavy 20 gp.
Chain shirt 100 gp.

Potion of magic weapon 50 gp.
Shield of faith: 50 gp.

The Cakoo bird:

Spot check of 15 is needed for this encounter.

As your walking a bird with bright red feathers suddenly flies overhead. You recognize it as a Cakoo bird, a rare creature who said to bring good luck to those who see it and bad luck to those that kill it. It flies higher and you see perched at the tallest tree is a nest. This is a rare find because the Cakoo bird is known to collect shiny items that are often very value able like gold. One almost always finds some kind of treasure in a Cakoo’s nest. The tree is very tall and it would be a risky fall, do you wanna try and risk it?*
The tree is 100 feet. A climb check of 8 is the first needed for 30 feet. than a climb check of 110 for to 60, than a check of 12 for 90 and the last 10 is a climb check of 15

However the Cakoo bird will attempt to bullrush anyone off the tree. He does so at a -5.
However if anyone kills a Cakoo bird they suffer bad luck for a week. roll a 1d8 to see the effects.

1 Hole in pocket. Lose 1d2 items and 1d20 worth of gp.
2 Twisted ankle: Lose half your normal speed.
3 Stumble into a hornets nest: take 3d6 points of damage. A reflex of 13 halves.
4 Come down with the cold. ( victim becomes sickened and gains a disease.)
5 nothing happens.
6 nothing happens.
7 Nothing happens.
8: nothing happens.

hp 1
ac 18
Attack claws: +1 ( 1d4.)
Bullrush -5.
Bad luck: Killing a Cakoo inflicts the killer with bad luck.

Inside the nest is a ruby worth 200 gold, 5 gold pieces.


( Pcs can make either a spot check or a listen check. both require 15.)

As you walk a sudden wolf leaps out of the bushes next to you and tries to bite unto your ankle. Two other wolves jump out and try to bite you. In front of you a much larger black wolf appears and growls at you.*
hp 13
ac 14
Int 2.
Attack: +3 ( 1d6 +1.)
Trip. If a wolf succeeds on a bite attack he can attempt to trip without AOO or being tripped himself. ( 1 to his trip attempt.)

Black wolf:
hp: 30
Int 2
ac: 14
Attack: +7 ( 1d64.)
Trip: Same as wolf but +3 to his trip.
Lead the pack: As a standard action gives another wolf a attack.

Each wolves pelt is worth 20 gold pieces though the pc has to succeed on a survival check of 10 to cut the pelt properly. The black wolf pelt is worth 50 gp.

The players can make either a surviver check or nature check to know that wolves usually only get this hostile to humans when they are close to their den. ( Survival is 18 dc. nature is 10.)

The den:

You approach a dirt hill that has a small cave inside. Bones of small animals are scattered about except for a single skull that stares at you.*
Search: 5 A rusty greatsword.
10: 10 gp, a rusty knife,
15, A small emerald worth 25 gold pieces.
20: A charm of blasting: ( 1+ to magical spell damage.)

Slave bodies:

You come across three bodies. Their hands have been tied together with a small amount of rope and their clothes are in rags. Their eyes sockets are bloody and empty and you can see a large spear wound in their stomachs. You think you might know one of the bodies from your villager. A youngster who was always getting into fights with the tribes elders.*
Nature check dc 10 ( Stirges borrow into the eyes of bodies to lay their eggs.)

1d6+1 stirges will emerge if the body is disturbed.

If the bodies are disturbed in anyway


A giant has set up shop on a rocky hill. He’s made a large wooden cage which he uses to trap people so he can eat them. He often hides behind a boulder until his victims are close and than drops the large wooden cage unto them. The giant isn’t very smart and can be tricked easily if the players can come up with something.

Listen dc to hear him from behind the boulder is a 15.

hp 40
hardness 10

Giants cave:

  • This large cave has a terrible stench to it. Inside you can see a large collection of rotting cloth and sheepskin. In the back are several large sacks.*

The sacks contain the following.

1+ magical longsword sword called brightroar. Once per day the sword can cause roar causing a spell like effect of scare. ( dc determined by the user.)
A charm of stone. Causes the users skin to become more stonelike granting a damage reduction of 1.
700 gold pieces.
A big bowl and spoon.
Several rotting animal skins.

Leatherskin raiding party:

A listen dc of 13 will allow them to hear the parties approach.

  • A big group is marching across the forest. their are at least ten man walking wearing leather armor and carrying spears shields and swords. Their are three men on horseback marching behind carrying large lances and shields. A donkey pulls a large cart behind him.*

Leatherskin warrior:
hp 10
ac 16
Attack: 5 ( 1d83.)

Leatherskin caverly:
hp 21
ac 17
Attack Lance: 8 ( 1d83.) double if charging.

The cart contains 400 gold pieces.
Loot: Leather armor, masterwork swords and spears. Lances. 5 weeks rations.

Kobold ambush:
( A spot check of 20 is required to see the net on the ground.)

  • Ahead you see a see a dead body, it’s wearing bright green and gold robes and his head seems to be smashed in. A pouch is ripped up next to him showing the glint of gold coins.

If the players fail to see the net and enter it it is sprung. A reflex of 23 will allow them to avoid being trapped. Once trapped the kobolds will come screaming down from the nearest hill.

The ropes are tough and can take 20 points of damage with a hardness of 3. Ac of 11 but the net is tight. Attack rolls take a -4 penalty.

their are ten kobold warriors and the shaman and the warchief.

Kobold warrior:
ac 13
Attack 3 spear ( 1d41.) thrown

Kobold fire shaman:
hp 8
ac 14
Attack staff +1 ( 1d4-2.)
Attack firepot: +2 ( 1d8.)
two burning hands ( 3d4 dc of 14.)

hp 15
Attack club+ 5 ( 1d6+2.)
Lead the warriors aura.: Grants a +1 to attack.
Daily throw on my command. Can inspire three kobolds with a extra action to chuck their javalins at once.

Loot: 25 gold pieces. A charm of fire resistance ( 2 damage reduction against flames.)

Ancient warforged:

  • You come across what looks like a rusting piece of humongus full plate armor. Vines are growing all over the metal husk. It looks like it has been here for centuries if not longer. In the center of it’s chest is a open compartment containing a red gem. At it’s side is a huge metal spear.*

This is an ancient warforged who’s power source has run out. It can be charge by casting a spell on the gem in it’s chest. The more powerful a spell the longer the robot can be activated. It can also be charged by placing a magic item to touch the gem which will drain the magic away. Magic items charge the robot longer than spells.

A history check of 15 reveals that this is an ancient warforged that were charged by magic. Centuries ago they were known for patrolling the land and protecting the innocent but their forces have dwindled away to nothing. Their masters who gave them energy either dead or turned away from them.
A higher history check ( 20) reveals that the gem can be charged with magic to reactivated it.

The gem can be pulled out with a strength check of 25. It’s worth 500 gold pieces.

The robot calls itself unit 68. It’s main goal is to patrol the roads and find a way to stay activated but it is intellgiant and will be grateful for being reactived and might be convinced to help the pcs.

ac 20
hp 60
Attack: greatspear 10 ( 1d105.)
Electric grasp: Touch +5 ( 3d6)
Detect magic at will.
Knows languages dwarven, elven, demonic.

Moving wagon:

  • Crashing through the forest you come across a small dirt road just as a wagon is pulling through. The wagon is being pulled by a large lazy looking cow and driven by a pot bellied farmer smoking a pipe. What looks like a old sword swaddled in rotting cloth next to him. The cart is loaded down with baskets and a few crates and large goat with horns chewing on some leather. You hear the jingle of coins and the goats braying as they get closer. He pulls short the wagon and gives you grin says " Howdy travelers you lost? It’s not often I get people on my road."*

This is Yordle Wilderberry. A local farmer who made this small private road from his house to the merchant city of Bernice. He is returning home after selling his crops of wild strawberries and apples. Strawberries fetch quite the price and he’s managed to land 100 gold pieces.
Yordles goat is a vicious attacker and will help Yordle if he needs it.

Yordle will happily point them in direction of Bernice and even offer to sale some spare rations he has. ( a weeks worth for 1 gold. " Don’t really need it myself now that am almost home.")
He’ll also offer a drink of sweat wine if any of the pcs are interested.

hp 15
ac 15
Attack Hooves: 4 ( 1d41.)
Headbutt daily: Charges forward and head butts into someone at 8. The person gets dealt 2d62 points of damage and is knocked back 5 feet and prone.

hp 20
ac 11
Attack: 3 ( 1d82.)
Wildly chopping: Yorick wildly chops at his foes making 5 total attacks at a -7 to attack ( actual attack for now is -4.)

Rusty sword
Old heavy crossbow
three bottles of wine.
100 gold
cup of tasting: Magical. ( all drinks taste better in it.) gold value is 200 gold pieces.
Several boxes and crates.
A lockbox with a poor lock that stores the 100 gold.
8 days of rations.

Yordle home has another 100 gold in it and a few sheep and chickens. Other than that it has nothing else of value.

A prince and his entourage:
Listen check 10

  • You hear the sound of horses moving ahead and coming towards this general direction*
  • A group of men riding horse come charging through. Most of the men wear chainmail vests and carry large shields and spears. Bows are stretched across their backs. One man stands out wearing golden Half plate and a large blue cloak and carrying a heavy cross.*

Warren is the son of the merchant lord and has taken a entourage of knights to hunt a unicorn. He’s very proud and snobbish and asking for information about a unicorn.

ac 19
hp 31
Attack magic crossbow: +7 ( 1d8 + 1d6 magic pain +1.)

Knights ( 8.)
ac 17
hp 35
Attack Spear + 6 ( 1d8+3.) Doubles for charging.

Loot: 600 gold. Magic crossbow +1.


  • You suddenly see a white horse drinking from stream. It’s mane is a of a golden color and perched atop it’s head is a large white horn. Their seems to be almost something mystical about the horse.*

If the pcs are good the unicorn will heal them of any wounds. If their neutral he’ll ignore them. Evil he will attack them.

A unicorn horn is highly valued for it’s healing ability. A wielder of the horn can cast cure light wounds two times a day.
It’s worth is about 1000 gold pieces.

Killing a unicorn is considered a evil act and it stains their aura forever making them appear evil to any detect alignment spells.

Ashren: Random encounters

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